​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Junior Football | NRF Junior Football 9th - 12th Grade​​​​​​​

Players have several options that they can choose to play for Metro FC for the season. All games are played in the Central Auckland boundary which can be anywhere from Titirangi to Beachlands to Onehunga Sports and possibly include Waiheke Island. 

Competitive Football pathway: For those that wish to play this option, we grade players based upon their ability, so that they are playing with players that match to ensure that the team develops at the same rate and against other Clubs at the same skill level.
Social Football pathway: Players who choose this option are placed into teams based upon schools, friends or location. The main emphasis for these teams is player enjoyment as well as player development.
Girls only option: Metro FC follows evidence based practice that the benefits for development are for our female players to play female only teams from U9 grades. Girls only option has two age groups combined (9th/10th or 11th/12th).

Team numbers: 
9th and 10th Grade: Play 7 v 7 on a half-sized field. Each team will consist of between 9 - 10 players per team.
11th and 12th Grade: Play 9 v 9 on a half-sized field. Each team will consist of between 11 - 12 players per team.

Retreating Line: One of the rules introduced for these grades is the introduction of the Retreating Line. This comes into play for Goal kicks and offsides (9th and 10th Grades). Metro encourages that players and teams try to play out from the back from goal kicks and to use the retreating line for its intended purpose.

Development Teams: Depending on numbers for each grade, Metro's Director of Coaching will look to take 1 session per grade for the Development team. This may include both girls and boys in the same session depending on their ability. This will be separate to their normal training session with their team Coach. If you are interested in finding out more info about these sessions please email: metrofcpathway@gmail.com

Season: Start date 29th April 2023 End Date Approx 2nd September 2023*

*please note the last game of season date is subject to change

Time and Venues: Games are usually between 9:00am - 12:00pm depending on the hosting Club's access to fields. Teams will play both home at Metro and away at other Clubs. Every 4 - 5 weeks teams are regraded to ensure they are in the correct competition based upon the team’s ability and results. This is to ensure that no team is winning or losing by lots and that they are getting competitive games regardless of which pathway the players or team is in and that the season is enjoyable for the players.

Gear Required: Metro FC shirt, black shorts, black socks, Shin pads, can be purchased from Soccer Scene, Pt Chev. link http://www.soccerscene.co.nz/product/page/metro-uniforms/m/3079/  

We offer training to all Junior coaches

There is an added need for coaches and managers with so many teams. We are lucky at Metro FC to have such a dedicated number of volunteers who manage and coach teams during the season.

Metro FC is dedicated to providing kids with quality coaching. This year we can offer the NZ Football WoFP Introduction Course to all junior coaches to get them started on the coaching ladder. This means most junior coaches have a good base for coaching.

The sub-menus have a range of information about our junior teams!

Good luck to all Junior Teams for the new season!

Metro FC Committee